HopeAlive projects are projects of hopeAlive healthcare Initiatives Organization LLC. It comprises charitable projects that are meant to bring hope and better life to people in need.
Mission: To bring kindness, wellness being and empathy to the people
vision: To keep Hope alive

The projects include but not limited to
1)Healthcare initiatives
2)Clean water projects
3)Hygiene and clean environment
4)Poverty alleviation projects

HopeAlive Initiatives organization is a non-profit organization registered in USA under 501 (3)c by my humble self as my foundation. With this organization, we have in collaboration with a NDUNJ and others provided free health fairs to NKporo people over 20 years. I have recently expanded the scope of charitable work of this organization to include other pertinent needs of our communities as mentioned above. For now, I rely on my personal efforts with hope to ask out for others to join me and my family for these rewarding selfless activities of the organization. It is said that charity begins as home; I have started above projects in Ukwa Nkporo with plan to expand to other parts of Nkporo and beyond.
The healthcare projects is up and running and being upgraded as I write today. Watch out for updates. The clean water project of about N10 million has been awarded and is completed with 100% paid for. Our next phase is to extend the water scheme to serve Okwoko and agbaja. Ukwa and informed people of Nkporo are enjoying clean portable water today.
It is also my intention and dreams to clean up Ukwa Nkporo an help UNDU develop our village as an organized village with charted course of basic infrastructural development.
We will open up Ukwa roads leading to our neighboring village so that our people can use their massive land stretching to Edda for their families financial empowerment. This will help Ukwa sons and daughter use their inherited estate lands instead buying lands for building homes and farming. IN 2021, I will through this initiatives, be sending some interested but qualified Nkporo 100 youths to the NDE(national Directorate for Employment) various training and skill acquisition short term courses. These artisans will come back well equipped to provide Nkporo those services we travel out to get. These include but not limited to carpenters, electricians, brick layers and brick molders for brick and interlocking pavers, POP Installation, 0horticulturists and landscapers, confectionery, POP , etc. The contract and MOU was signed this january 2021 and the recruitment and processing of candidates are on going. I have acquired over 10 hectares of land in Ukwa Nkporo with the plan to form a cooperative of farming with our jobless people. My hope is grant them soft loan through microfinance banks for effective farming and fishery business.

I have received a construction quotation and blueprints for contemporary public toilet system for the 3 villages of Ukwa Nkporo to complement the efforts of the community.
The dream for HopeAlive health Initiatives is big, very big and it is attainable. So, join me in this journey of hope.

Let’s keep hope alive.