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GoSystem Tax API Thomson Reuters

gosystem tax

GoSystem Tax RS is designed to handle more complicated returns, allowing multiple system users to access a single return concurrently. The product also offers a custom tax equalization module that is designed to handle expatriate calculations. The tax equalization module includes more than 20 templates, 11 equalization statement formats, and gross up calculations for a variety of states including AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, DE, GA, IL, KY, LA, MA, MD, MI, MN, NC, NJ, NM, NY, OH, OK, PA, and SC. Completely online, GoSystem Tax has an intuitive user interface that is easily navigated, and offers easy access to organizers, as well as multiple views.

Efficiency gains from automation are not only found in data entry

gosystem tax

Increase profits, strengthen client relationships, and attract new clients with software and support options that suit every payroll need. In this demonstration you’ll explore the processes for MyTaxInfo, and see how it can make the collection of tax information from taxpayers easier and more reliable. You’ll also see how MyTaxInfo virtually eliminates transcription errors, ensures accuracy, improves speed and efficiency, and how it can be customized for your firm and client needs thanks to its complete integration with GoSystem Tax RS. Peter Walker of Berkowitz Pollack Brant shares how the firm used GoSystem Tax APIs to automate one-time data entry for 1065 federal engagements. Cloud-based CPA workflow software that standardizes processes through routing functionality, real-time tracking, and more.

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Easy access is provided for all tax organizers, and the product supports multiple monitors for easy form preparation. RS from Thomson Reuters best suited for mid-sized and large firms that process more complex returns such as consolidated corporate returns, life insurance returns, and tax equalization returns. GoSystem Tax also offers individual tax filing and integrates well with the Thomson Reuters CS Suite of tax and accounting products.

gosystem tax

Integrate GoSystem Tax RS with these products and services to streamline your workflow

Serve your clients’ accounting, bookkeeping, and financial needs more efficiently with accounting and auditing software solutions. Leveraging APIs, BPB streamlined the activity of their workbooks by implementing an automated process that enables one time data financial statements 101 entry for 1065 federal engagements. Provide 24/7 remote access to CS Professional Suite software in a secure environment with our online accounting solutions. Securely, instantly exchange documents and data and provide the online services your clients expect.

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  1. Data can also be imported directly to the application from a variety of applications if necessary.
  2. An online pioneer, GoSystem was one of the first tax compliance software applications to offer web accessibility, GoSystem Tax conveniently offers users the ability to work both on or off-line, with the data quickly uploaded once connected.
  3. CPA Practice Advisor is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a sponsor of continuing professional education on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors.
  4. If errors are found, corrections can be made directly in the organizer, with the option to refresh the return to reflect the changes.

An online pioneer, GoSystem was one of the first tax compliance software applications to offer web accessibility, GoSystem Tax conveniently offers users the ability to work both on or off-line, with the data quickly uploaded once connected. Implementing GoSystem Tax APIs is as easy as picking from our standard out of the box and ready to go solutions with no developer experience needed. For more complex tax workflows, we offer the ability to customize an API solution that fits your business best. GoSystem Tax does not include a portal, but firms can choose to utilize the NetClient CS Portal, which is part of the CS Professional Suite of applications that seamlessly integrate with the application. The NetClient CS Portal allows firms to share returns with clients, as well as providing clients with the ability to upload necessary documents when requested.

Review of GoSystem Tax RS – From Thomson Reuters

gosystem tax

With extensive integration capability with CS Professional Suite along with various third-party applications, users have access to the data and documentation needed to easily process even the most complicated return. RS pricing is customized for each firm, starting at around $4,000 annually for a single-user system. GoSystem Tax offers an intuitive user interface with the ability to customize the interface to better suit their needs.

Other integrations include Practice CS, Fixed Assets CS, and Planner CS, which allows user to create multiple tax strategies for their clients in order to minimize tax liability. GoSystem Tax RS offers solid help functionality, with help options available directly from the user interface. The Help and How-To Center offers support options for all modules, along with a searchable knowledgebase, user guides, and various training options, which include web, classroom, custom, and on-demand training. GoSystem Tax APIs enable you to automate tax workflow processes related to e-Filing, printing, and importing/exporting tax return data. Save time on return filing by letting our solutions import in real time hundreds of partners into a partnership return or update a specific value within the tax return using live APIs.

GoSystem Tax RS offers an excellent selection of help and support options, with users able to access help files from any screen in the application. A variety of online tools and resources are also available to users through the password protected website, including access to a robust user community. Users can also utilize the Help and How-To Center for access to a searchable knowledgebase as well as the GoSystem Tax RS support page, which includes access to product updates and new releases, as well as detailed user training information. For firms that wish to implement paperless solutions, GoSystem Tax RS offers seamless integration with third-party applications such as SurePrep and GruntWorx from Copanion offer automated creation of bookmarked PDF tax workpapers. Both systems also allow users to import tax data directly into GoSystem Tax RS client returns. The GoSystem Tax APIs enable firms to automate tax workflow processes related to e-Filing, printing, and importing/exporting tax return data.

Electronic filing is available for federal and state forms, and the product easily handles multi-state returns. In addition, users can create an unlimited number of tax scenarios for their clients over any number of years, including both resident and nonresident tax liabilities. Easy integration with CS Professional Suite applications means that firms have access to an unlimited number (sold in bundles of 1,000) of base portals through NetClient CS for a flat monthly fee. Using the portals provides clients with access to tax returns and other confidential documents. It also allows clients to easily share confidential documents via the portal, making it much easier to obtain vital information from clients.

The product supports multiple monitors, making it particularly useful for firms with multiple users. The QuickTrack feature allows users to easily access frequently used organizers and the QuickForm option offers easy access to all major tax forms. GoSystem Tax RS does not currently offer a portal directly within the application, though it does integrate with the NetClient CS Portal.

Data is collected, calculations are done, and then the data from the Excel workbook must be manually re-entered into GoSystem Tax RS,” said Walker. Walker shares, “In the last couple of years, a lot of companies undertook automation because of the environment that we were forced to live in. They were forced into the position to do so, and they adapted or they went out of business.

Live APIs are currently available for the following tax forms, 990, 1040, 1041, 1065, and 1120. These endpoints implement a JSON-based messaging structure, which allows for concise, lightning-fast requests to the GoSystem Tax product. The GoSystem Tax APIs have industry leading asynchronous APIs which allows for time consuming requests to process in the background while other requests are made. Get anytime, anywhere online access to CS Professional Suite and select Microsoft® products in the cloud.

GoSystem Tax RS pricing is dependent on firm needs, and starts at around $4,000 per year for a single user. Completely web-based, GoSystem Tax RS offers an easily navigated user interface that supports multiple monitors and allows users to customize the system in order to display frequently used functions. The QuickTrack option allows users to easily navigate to frequently used organizer screens, and QuickForm provides users with a list of all major tax forms on a single screen, where users can then navigate to access the organizer screen they desire. Users also have easy access to numerous online tools and resources by accessing the Customer Center. Here, users can manage their account, access and download product enhancements, access the toll-free support center or begin a chat support session. The Help and How-To-Center offers access to support options for all CS Professional Suite modules, and users also have access to a searchable knowledgebase.

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