As the month is about to end let’s have a look at the top story about health care in Nigeria. Health care in Nigeria is continuously developing. We can see a lot of developments in Nigerian health care in the last few years. Let’s have a look at the monthly health care update in Nigeria.


Here goes the list of the top 10 health news for the month of February

health care

1. The first-ever trials for the Lassa fever vaccine have been started in Africa. This is a good update for the starting of the year 2021. UNICEF has ordered 4 million doses of these vaccines for Nigeria. This is the biggest health news of the month. Moreover, the update for the COVID-19 vaccines budget will be presented in march 2021.


 2. There is an update on the Ebola disease. NCDC is going to issue public health advisory on this disease. This is the second top story of this month. NCDC has also approved AstraZeneca’s vaccine for common people in Nigeria. Government and private health care institutions are going to collaborate for the same concern.








3. In the first half of 2021, Nigeria will get 16 Million free doses of COVID-19 vaccines. That is a great update for the health care sector in Nigeria. The poorest sections will be able to get the vaccines.


4. Nigeria is going to improve maternal health care services soon. This is the biggest update for all the Nigerian women out there. It is also going to allow a companion inside the labor room. A companion along with you can make the pain tolerable with emotional support and sympathy. That is a piece of good health news for women.


5. One of the top stories you should definitely know is 54gene a health tech company that has launched a clinical research program in Nigeria. It will develop new and innovative therapeutic and diagnostic products. Isn’t it a great update?


6. A top story from 27 February states that health care authorities in Nigeria have started a training program for health care workers who are going to get involved in the COVID-19 vaccination program. 


7. The Nigeria Youth Union (NYU) is urging the government to build primary health centers across Nigeria. They are protesting for the same. If the request is approved then it will be a piece of great health news for all Nigerians.


8. According to one of the updates, Nigeria requires N3 trillion annually for health care insurance for its population. According to the professionals if NHIS is added with surplus funds then it will cover many diseases like cancer, etc.


9. One of the saddest updates of this month is a new strain of COVID-19 is found in health care workers in Nigeria. 75 health workers are tested positive for the new strain of coronavirus. This is serious news that can affect a lot of lives in Nigeria.


10. According to a report, it is found that maternal mortality, reproductive health, and child mortality rate in Nigeria are the poorest in the world. There is a need to implement proper actions in such a scenario.  


 As the month is about to end we can see there are different stories about the health care situations in Nigeria. Some of these give intense hope while some of the news is really heartbreaking. But one thing to be noted is there is a lot of development in the health care sector. If everything worked according to plans the day is near when Nigerian health care will be counted among the top list. 


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