The health care system does not only provide timely medicare but also control disease outbreaks. It is an important element in the development of a country. Investing in health care is always a great idea when it comes to the development of a country. So let us read about the health care system in Nigeria.

Poor health care system in Nigeria

According to a statistic about 20000 Nigerians travel to India for medical care every year. Nigeria has a number of under 5 child deaths. Nigeria accounts for 70% of death because of treatable diseases like malaria, HIV, pneumonia, etc. Last year 10% of the world’s newborn death has been recorded in Nigeria. About 80000 Nigerians die because of cancer every year. 
There is hardly a year passed in Nigeria without any medical strike. The reason behind the strike is the poor salary of doctors and health care workers. Half of the Nigerians can not afford private hospitals. 
  1. The government has launched schemes like NHS but corruption has spoiled this opportunity. Lack of leadership is also a major reason for the unsuccess of the schemes. 
  1. In 1993 adulterated paracetamol syrup was found in Nigeria and caused the death of about 100 children. In 1996 about 11 children died due to a trial of a drug named trovafloxacin. In 2008-09, nearby 84 children died because of contaminated teething medication. 
  1. The migration of health care workers to other countries is also a major issue faced by Nigeria. The physician shortage is common in Nigeria due to brain drain. Many Nigerian doctors have emigrated to Europe. 
  1. Lack of government investment in healthcare is also a major issue faced by Nigeria. It has a negative impact on the health care system of Nigeria.


 What is the major cause of death in Nigeria?

  1. septicemia                                        (6.0%)
  2. stroke                                               (4.2%)
  3. liver diseases                                   (4.1%)
  4. tuberculosis                                      (3.7%)
  5. diabetes                                           (3.6%)
  6. complications of HIV/AIDS              (3.5%)
  7. ischaemic heart disease                  (3.4%)


Some ways to improve health care in Nigeria

  1. One of the best ways is to integrate adequate medical intelligence and surveillance systems. It can effectively monitor communicable diseases.
  2. Another practical way is to carry out health campaigns and awareness. A regular informed public can prevent better.
  3. Informing people about NHIS can also be very useful.
  4. Government plays a huge role in the development of health care and medical facilities. The government should invest more in medical facilities and infrastructure. 

Some of the achievements by the Nigerian healthcare system

  1. In 2012 a bone marrow donor program was launched in Nigeria. It can prevent diseases like leukemia, lymphoma, etc.
  2. NHIS has also benefited citizens by providing inpatient care for up to 15 days.
  3. In 2013, 79 million Nigerians were inoculated with MenaAfricVacine across 26 states.

Final words

At last, Nigeria has poor medical facilities but the government has been continuously working to develop medical facilities in the country. With better opportunities, Nigeria can have a well-developed infrastructure. So we have just finished reading the health care system in Nigeria
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