The word “tourism” creates a feeling of joy in our heart while the word “medical” express a sorrowful state. These two words are contrary but still used together. You all definitely get confused when you hear these two words together but medical tourism actually exists. 


Medical tourism in Nigeria is basically an amalgamation of tourism and medical services. A kind of tourism in which people travel to get medical and healthcare services is known as medical tourism. 


In this blog, we will have a look on medical tourism in Nigeria, Medical tourism statistics in Nigeria, Effect of medical tourism in Nigeria, Medical tourism companies in Nigeria, lowering medical tourism in Nigeria, and much more. 


Medical tourism in Nigeria – Introduction

medical tourism in nigeria

In Nigeria, the people define medical tourism as going abroad for getting a medical treatment usually for dental care, cosmetic surgery, elective surgery and fertility treatment. 


Medical tourism in Nigeria is very popular. Nigeria spends nearly 20 billion US dollars in medical tourism. A lot of Nigerians travel to other countries like India or Uk for treatment. The treatment may include cardiac surgeries, neurosurgeries, cosmetic surgeries, renal transplantation, etc. The reason to switch to other countries includes lack of medical facilities, ineffective follow up after surgeries, high-cost services, quality of care in the medical field and much more. Let us have a look at other factors of medical tourism in Nigeria. 


The annual loss of $ 1billion – Effect of medical tourism in Nigeria


As Nigerians travel to other countries for better medical facilities, Nigeria is losing nearly $1 billion annually. This is one of the adverse effects. 


Not only citizens of Nigeria but its own president went to another country for treatment of ear infection. According to some professionals in Nigeria, better healthcare facilities are only available at private clinics and they are so expensive that not everyone can afford. 


The government is even planning to build 6 new high-quality healthcare centres. They would provide services like cancer treatment, tumours, surgeries, etc. 


Medical tourism companies in Nigeria

There are many medical tourism companies in Nigeria. Some of the medical tourism companies in Nigeria are :

  1. Alpine life solutions
  2. NJETOURS Ltd.
  3. Healthstead global limited
  4. Greene diagnostics company limited
  5. Aquila clinic and fertility
  6. Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants
  7. Medisr
  8. Urdentalplace
  9. Hplinl travels and tours limited
  10. Care point solutions
  11. Placidway


These are some of the top medical tourism companies in Nigeria. These companies give personalised medical tourism in Nigeria. They establish a long-lasting medical tourism experience.


Medical tourism statistics in Nigeria

Here are the medical tourism statistics in Nigeria. 


  1. Nigeria spends $1.25 billion US dollars on medical tourism in a year.
  2. Every month 9000 medical tourist are from Nigeria.
  3. Out of which 5000 tourists visit India for medical tourism monthly.
  4. The growth in medical tourism in Nigeria is 20% per year.
  5. 95% of Nigerians travel south Asia for medical tourism.
  6. There are 75% of cash paying, 15% of government-paid, 6% of the insurance company and 4% of an employer-paid medical tourist.


Why 5000 people of Nigeria are travelling India monthly for medical tourism?

India has many advantages that make Nigerians travel to India. These are stated below:


  1. India provides treatment as well as a leisure destination.
  2. India has a low-cost consulting fee and provides the best treatment at low cost.
  3. India has the availability of advanced equipment and medical experts.
  4. India provides speciality treatment and about no waiting period for treatment.


Guidelines for medical tourism

Here are some guidelines for medical tourism.


  1. The patients should be able to travel on their own.
  2. Follow up can be arranged after discharge if needed.
  3. There must be coordination between tourism and healthcare
  4. It also provides a post-vacation trip.


Final words

Nigeria is a country with a poor health care system. Many Nigerians travel to other countries for medical care. Even the president travel to another country for ear infection. But as the Nigerian health sector is developing and also with the help of NHIS, Nigeria can grow in medical tourism very soon. All can hope for the best.