‘Superstition’, the word is not new to anyone. Superstitions about health care are a serious problem in Nigeria. People must be aware of the superstition prevailing in the market. Some superstitions are so risky that if we follow them blindfolded it can take our life. We should use our brains before following anything. 


Either acute or chronic any disease should not be taken lightly. You can not take a risk with your life. Once gone, you will never get a life again. It is precious. Stop these myths and superstition taking your life. Let us know more about it.


Here is the list of superstitions and myths about health care in Nigeria.


1. The first child must be delivered to the mother’s parents home


In Nigeria, there is a superstition that the first child must be delivered to the mother’s parental home. According to them, health care workers cannot give effective care to the mother as compared to their own relatives. To them, coward women gave birth in health care centers. In reality many times it is seen that many women die due to less care at home. Superstition is never more important than someone’s life, this is the basic thing people should understand.


2. Eating eggs during breastfeeding can cause jaundice

According to a myth, in Nigeria people believes that eating eggs during pregnancy or breastfeeding can cause jaundice to women and also make the baby ill. The reality behind it is totally different. Eggs are rich in protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals. These are very useful to keep mother and baby strong during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Just make sure to eat egg cooked, other than that there is no problem. So ladies chill and have eggs. It will give you and your baby proper nutrition.


3. Babies should give a bath just after the birth

This is one of the common myths and superstitions in Nigeria that babies must be given a bath just after birth. But the reality is contrasting. Babies shouldn’t be given a bath till 6 hours of birth to maintain body temperature and keep them warm.


4. The pregnant woman should hide her pregnancy to keep the baby away from the evil eye

One of the funniest superstitions in Nigeria is that pregnant women should hide their pregnancy so as to get them and the baby away from evil eyes. In reality pregnancy, symptoms are normal and shouldn’t hide from anyone so that the lady could get extra care outside. She should get more medical attention rather than hiding it. The health of women matters the most.


5. Hospital treatment worsen cancers

The most dangerous myth about Nigerian health care is that hospital treatments worsen cancers. People are reluctant to go to hospitals for the treatment of cancer. According to them, the hospital will give them premature death. This traditional myth could take the lives of many people. Cancer is a medical emergency that requires proper medical care and treatment. A simple myth could take your life. Stop believing what you hear blindfolded.


Some of the amazing facts about Nigerian Health care that every netizen should know.

  1. Nigeria only has 3.8 doctors per 10000 people.
  2. Health care in Nigeria has a shortage of funds
  3. Health care workers in Nigeria are underpaid.
  4. It does not have a proper record of health care
  5. It is entirely based on herbal medicines
  6. It ranks lowest among the world
  7. It has a lack of qualified health care workers
  8. But still, health care in Nigeria is not that much worse.


Superstitions and myths are an integral part of our life. They are deepened into the roots of society. We know it is not easy to remove them but at least we can take a step against these. Every journey starts with a step. You never know which step would take to your destination. So instead of the following anything kindly know about it properly.


If you find this article useful share it with your loved ones. Hope it could at least one life form ruining.