The Nigeria health statics:

Requirement for desegregation adequate medical intelligence and Observation systems-

Nigeria health statics


The bad health care condition of Nigeria is not hidden from the world. But we haven’t calculated how bad it is. Today we are going to see the Nigeria health statics and will also compare it with the other big countries. As a very important part of national security, public health does not solely function to supply adequate and timely medical aid however conjointly track, monitor, and manage unwellness outbreaks. Nigerian health care has suffered many communicable disease outbreaks year after year. Hence, there’s a requirement to tackle the matter. This study aims to review the state of Nigerian health statics and to supply attainable recommendations for the worsening state of health care within the country. To administer up-to-date recommendations for the Nigerian health care system, this study conjointly aims at reviewing the dynamics of attention within the US, Britain, and Europe with regards to strategies of medical intelligence/surveillance.

Health care reforms launched in Nigeria:

Ten-year development plan: Before independence in 1960, a 10-year biological process set up (1946–1956) was introduced to boost health healthcare delivery. many health facilities and establishments (Ministry of Health, many clinics, and health centers) were developed in step with this setup. By the Nineteen Eighties, there had been an excellent development in health care—general hospitals alternative|and several other} other health centers (over ten,000) had been introduced

August 1987, the central launched its primary health care set up with the subsequent major objectives:

  1. Improve assortment and observance of health knowledge
  2. Improve personal development within the health care
  3. make sure the provision of essential drug handiness
  4. Improve on protection programs
  5. Promote treatment of epidemic diseases
  6. Improve food offer and nutrition
  7. Improve maternal and kid care, and birth control
  8. Educate folks on prevailing health issues and also the strategies of preventing and dominating them.

This health care setup created a very little impact on the health sector because it continuing to suffer major infrastructural,

Nigerian insurance theme

As an attempt by the central to revitalize the worsening state of health, the Nigerian insurance theme (NHIS) that was established in 2005 by Decree thirty-five of 1999 provided for the institution of a governing council with the responsibility of managing the theme. However, Ladi Awosika noted that the theme was initially planned in 1962 below a bill to parliament by the then Minister for Health.

Health care dynamics within us and Europe with regards to strategies of medical intelligence/surveillance-

Major flaws within the Nigeria health statics-

Fifty years after independence, the Federal Republic of Nigeria continues to be scuffling with the supply of basic health services for its abundant population, currently calculable at over a 150million. The health care sector continues to be an effortful handicraft trade, in spite of advances in technology, and health care suppliers have currently become more sophisticated than within the past. baby and under-five mortality rates are units close to the very best within the world, and maternal mortality is extraordinarily high. It’s the second-largest range of individuals infected with HIV/AIDS within the world solely next to South Africa and in 2008, between 3million and three.5million folks were calculated to be living with HIV/AIDS. 

The Federal Republic of Nigeria has the fourth-highest range of TB cases within the world, with a 2004 estimate of 293 new cases per 100,000 population and 546 per 100,000 total cases. the explanations for a dysfunctional health system embody gross inadequate infrastructural support, electricity, potable water, and diagnostic laboratories, terribly low per capita health outlay, high due expenditure by voters, and a complete absence of a community-based integrated system for unwellness interference, police investigation, and treatment amongst others.

Some ways to tackle health sector challenges in the Federal Republic of Nigeria could embody improved access to primary healthcare; strategic and purposeful leadership in health delivery services; increasing funding to the health sector; amongst others.

The problematic facts-


In Nigeria, health access is simply 43%. The inadequacy of the health healthcare delivery system in the Federal Republic of Nigeria may be attributed to the peculiar demographics of the Nigerian public. A  fifth of the population lives in rural areas and solely 45% sleep in urban areas. 70% of the health care is provided by personal vendors and solely 30 % by the govt. Over 70 %of medication distributed area units are substandard. Hence, the importance of the NIHS has recently been attributed to the very fact that the theme represents solely 40% of the complete population, and 52-60% are taken within the informal sector.

Ways to improve health care in Nigeria-

  1.  Employ good Health Care Practitioners. …
  2.  Provide Medical Insurance Coverage. …
  3.  Provide Incentives to Healthcare Workers. …
  4.  Provide Promotion Based on Merit. …
  5.  Computerization of all the Operations. …
  6.  Employ more support staff. …
  7. Provide proper Training to Support Staff.


The Nigerian health care system is poorly developed. No adequate and purposeful management or guidence is there. To achieve success in health care during this era, a system reasoned in routine healthcare and medical intelligence are the backbone of the health sector,which is missing in Nigeria. In order to improve health care they need to take strict action and start investing more on health care.