” The health care system is the power of a country. After all, a healthy nation is always a developed nation. The health care system of a country works to provide timely and best medical facilities to the citizens of a country. “

health care system in Nigeria

Today, we are going to talk about the Nigerian health care system, and before elaborating on the ways to improve the health care system in nigeria, we should first know about their system.

Nigerian health care system is run by 3 tiers of government, where the federal government manages tertiary healthcare, state government manages secondary healthcare and local government is responsible for primary healthcare.

The first dispensary in Nigeria was opened in 1880 in Obosi. The first healthcare plan in Nigeria was introduced between 1945 – 1955. NHIS ( national health insurance scheme) was launched in May 1999. A new national policy was also launched in the year 2006. Life expectancy was estimated at 63.4 years in 2016. 

Here are some important facts in the Nigerian health care system:

  1. Nigeria has a shortage of doctors and health care workers.
  2. There is less amount of funds invested in the health care system.
  3. The health workers are severely unpaid in Nigeria.
  4. Record keeping for health care is poor.
  5. Nigerian government spends about 15% of its annual budget on healthcare.


Top ways to improve the healthcare system in Nigeria

nigerian health care system

1.Introducing MEDISYS

MEDICIS or medical information system is a way to monitor public health threats through media reports. It can combat and monitor the outbreak of communicable diseases. This system can help improve the health care system in Nigeria. It can give really important news regarding any disease. It is used in many developed countries.

2.Health campaigns

The most practical way to improve the Nigerian health care system is by organizing health campaigns and spreading awareness about diseases, their cure, and prevention. When citizens are aware of the diseases, prevention and cure then only a country can be saved from diseases.

3.Awareness about NHIS

Citizens of Nigeria must be aware of NHIS. Only 4% of people were covered under NHIS in the year 2016. Efforts should be made to cover more and more people under NHIS. It will have the best possible results in the Nigeria health care delivery system.

4.Setting up goals and committing evaluation. 

Analyzing patient’s data and setting goals is another innovative way of improving health structure of a country. Prioritize the areas and set up goals. Then committing to ongoing evaluation is a must. 

5. Improving food supply and nutrition

Good nutrition is the key to good health. Many diseases can be cured just by having proper and good nutrition. If the government focuses on food supply then many things could change in Nigeria. Pregnant women, growing children, breastfeeding mothers need more nutrition and care but due to poverty people can not afford better food and nutrition. The infant fertility rate can also be monitored by improving food facilities in Nigeria.


”  Nigeria has a poor health structure but if the government and people stand together then they can change it. Both efforts are needed. After all, unity is strength. The government can also educate people on health problems and methods of preventing and controlling them.