Our Team

Hon. James Ndukwe,
COO (Chief Operations Officer)

Chief James Ndukwe, James & James, has successful manages the implementations and realization of construction of Ukwa Nkporo Comprehensive health center by Health System Development Project II a World Bank project, assisted by Abia State Ministry of health. Chief James Ndukwe will oversee the overall operations of the center and HHI.
He is currently the chairman of Ukwa Development Union, Nkporo. He will effectively manage the site renovations and expansion capacity of the center to include
The key operational model is partnership and the crux of this initiative is partnership with the government of Abia and local Ukwa health committee.
James will coordinate the participation of each interest group in the laudable alliance and see the accountability and responsibility for partners.
James has served as a TC. A business man, a community leader, a contractor, and the current UDU chairman.

Kalu Ndukwe,
President and CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Hon. Kalu Ndukwe is the president and chief executive officer of HopeAlive Health Initiatives. He founded and ran HopeAlive Health Initiative as a non-profit health organization since the year 2000. This has upgraded into HHI. HHI had partnered with Catholic Medical Mission Board (CMMB) and Medical Missionaries Inc. to bring health services to Nkporo communities.
In 2017, Hon. Kalu Ndukwe Changed HHI into a full medical practice to actualize the dream of Ukwa Nkporo community of having a functional comprehensive health center. His mission is to upgrade the health center into a cottage hospital in the nearest future.
Hon. Ndukwe is a clinical pharmacist, who has more than 30 years of experience and expertise in ambulatory care settings.
Hon. Ndukwe, has served as the managing director of HHI since its establishment where he was responsible for overseeing, managing, coordinating and supervising day-to-day activities during our numerous health fairs of HHI. He also was responsible for conduction of healthcare need assessment activities of Nkporo community. These activities gave us a holistic report on health and welfare needs of the medically underserved Nkporo community.
Hon. Ndukwe is a former commissioner of health, Abia State, Nigeria. He is a business man, a philanthropist and a well grounded team leader whose focus is on HHI’s vision to provide high quality, accessible and affordable family healthcare to the residents of Nkporo.

Dr Ebeyi Egwu, CMO (Chief Medical Officer)

Dr. Ebeyi Egwu is the chief medical officer of HopeAlive Health Initiative.
He is a general practitioner who provides primary care to people of all ages, treating acute illnesses as well as those with chronic diseases. He also specializes in ophthalmology treating diseases of the eye and vision care, like:

Adult Strabismus
Corneal Abrasions
Lazy eye (defined)
Pink eye (defined)
Retinopathy of Prematurity
Stye (defined)

He currently helps oversees the primary care operations at Hope Alive Health Initiatives

Elder Agbai U. Ndukwe,
CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Elder Agbai U. Ndukwe is the chief Financial officer (CFO) of HopeAlive Health Initiatives. He has strong background in Healthcare finance and billing.
Currently acting as a treasurer for Hope Health Alive Initiatives. He has helped manage funds for most the operations carried out under the Hospital.

Dr. Ufere Okeaso Ndukwe
(Medical Officer)

Nurses and Staff