In general, Hope Alive Healthcare will provide general care for all ages, as well as providing multiple procedures to create a complete healthcare solution.Hope Alive Health Initiatives will provide procedures including but not limited to Outpatients and Inpatients care, Preventive care, Ophthalmology, Accidents and Emergency care, Surgical Procedures, Antenatal and Maternity care, Gynecology, immunization to mention but a few. The costs will depend upon the materials used, the physician's time and the amount designated for each procedure.

HopeAlive Health Initiative philosophy is that optimal health and performance can be attained through the proper balance of exercise, nutrition, and education. Our goal is to educate our patients as well as treat them. Therefore, our services will also provide group classes and teaching sessions for our patients. Subjects could include nutrition, diabetes, hypertension, and much more.

HopeAlive Health Initiative will focus on each individual case. After each procedure and where appropriate, each patient will be offered education in rehabilitation, nutrition and exercise as it relates to each particular case. Our goal is to create the best-rounded experience for each patient in order to optimize their health.

HopeAlive Health Initiative will maintain privacy according to HIPAA rules. All patients will be welcome, no matter the social status. No one will be turned down for medical care. Our hospital will hold no prejudice to patients from anywhere or socioeconomic status. Everyone will be welcome for great medical care at Comprehensive Health Center, Ukwa Nkporo.

HopeAlive health Initiative will provide the following services, among others:



Minor Surgery

Adult Medicine