Water is the basic unit of life. We just can’t imagine our life without water. 
Nigeria doesn’t have a lack of water resources, but the problem is a lack of clean and safe drinking water. It reminds us of a famous poetry line, “Water, water everywhere, not a single drop to drink.” 


About 19% of people can access clean and safe drinking water. The challenge is growing more as the population of urban areas in Nigeria is increasing. 
There is a various reason behind the water crisis in Nigeria. The major and uprising reason is climatic change. The government couldn’t cope up with climatic change.
It already has poor agriculture and things become complicated with climatic change. The condition is vivid in different areas of the country. 

water crisis in nigeria

Politics & Nature’s Impact

In northern Nigeria, there has been a protest since 2010 demanding safe and clean drinking water. Draught and floods are also common here. Hundreds of villages are not getting safe drinking water for ages. Some politicians have used water as a weapon against the opposition.
In the middle belt of Nigeria, changing rainfall pattern is a major cause of concern. It has led to water scarcity. There is an unusual change in rainfall every time. 
In Niger River delta, oil spills have contributed to food scarcity and unequal distribution of water. 
The impact of such a water crisis on Nigeria is unacceptable. It has led to an increase in the infant mortality rate of Nigeria. Increase in waterborne disease is also significant in Nigeria.
Many children under the age of 5 die because of these diseases. 

There are some solutions to these problems:

  1. Equal access to water and sanitization can be really helpful.
  2. Strengthening the government’s efforts to reduce water scarcity.
  3. Strengthening national and subnational bodies
  4. Sustainability of water in rural areas. 

Final Words

Access to clean water is a daily challenge for the people of Nigeria. Only a few people have an access to safe and clean drinking water. The political instability has made the conditions worse.
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