Nigeria is an emerging country, but still, many things can make it a super country. Nigeria is a country that is home to millions of people living in extreme poverty. The number of poor people is comparatively high in Nigeria as compared to the rest of the parts of the world. But there is a global citizens mission going in Nigeria that will end the extreme poverty by 2030. In this blog, we will get to know about the hidden power in Nigeria that might help it to develop from a poor country to a successful country in the world.


Let’s know about the superpower in no power.  Here are the reasons behind this.


1. Afrobeats


Nigerian music is ruling the world already. Especially afrobeat have listened all over the world. The music industry of Nigeria is becoming so successful over the world that a sony and universal music group have set up their offices in the country. The songs have also become a part of radio playlists globally. The top names of Nigerians afrobeat include out for include Afrobeats musicians such as Yemi Alade, Tekno, Falz, Olamide, Simi, Mr. Eazi, Mologo, and Patoranking. In 2020 where the world was suffering from the pandemic, the Nigerian music industry has shown an incredible rise. It symbolizes the growing power in Nigeria.


2. Authors writing the era of successful Nigeria

After music, another successful thing in Nigeria is authors and their writings that are ruling over the world. To the top of this list comes the late Chinua Achene whose debut novel was “Things fall apart”. It was translated into 57 languages and 20 million copies of it were sold all over the world. Many of the other writers are keeping this tradition up. The boldness and loudness of Nigerian stories attract readers. The Nigerian writers write culturally and ethnically that is making it a successful country in the world in terms of literature. 


3. Mouthwatering Nigerian Cuisine 

Nigeria has a mouth-watering cuisine. The joll of rice is the best cuisine. The mouth-watering tomato rice dish is the specialty and staple dish of many parties.  It is said that barbeque was originally started in Nigeria. The aromatic curries, stews, and tagines of Nigeria are loved all over the world. Some of its world-famous dishes include pap en vleis, Piri Piri chicken, joll of rice, bunny chow, etc. They rule over the heart of people. 


4. The Royal Horse Parade

The Islamic north of Nigeria has a cultural annual darbar festival. It is world-famous and is celebrated by thousands of people in Nigeria. It is usually celebrated at the end of Ramadan. It is a tourist attraction that generates a quite good income. The prince raises a “power”. It is a fun activity but a symbol of pride and power in Nigeria. It also creates opportunities for the local people of Nigeria. 


5. Tourism in Nigeria

Nigerian tourism has shown a vigorous rise in recent years. It has been successful. Being a poor country, still, Nigeria attracts a lot of tourists every year from all over the world. The reason behind the growth is an increase in investment in the infrastructure and the hospitality industry. It has given great success to the economy and it has created a lot of employment opportunities for the poor. Foreign investors are taking interest in Nigerian tourism and hospitality. This can make Nigeria a successful country all over the world. 

Here are some of the amazing and interesting facts about Nigeria

  1. Nigeria was formed in 1914.
  2. It got independence from the British in 1960.
  3. For 29 years it was ruled by military leaders.
  4. In 1967 the coups and turmoil led to the Nigeria civil war.
  5. Nigeria’s oil business boomed in 1970.
  6. The first Nobel prize for literature in Africa was given to a Nigerian.
  7. In 1996 Nigeria won its first gold in Olympics.
  8. It 1999 it gets returned to civilian rule.
  9. The first African to win the title of miss world was a Nigerian


After reading this article you might know why Nigeria will be able to recognize itself as a successful country. It might rule over the world in terms of music, art, literature, and much more. We can see the development in Nigeria. By 2030 there are positive chances of poverty reduction. The poor people might get benefitted by 2030. Hope this happens soon. 


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